We are a locally-owned Kansas City company dedicated to educating and empowering our clients to make the best possible financial decisions for their families. We aren't a branch. We aren't a big bank. We only do mortgages. Our boutique size and paperless process gives you personalized service and a hassle-free experience. 

Welcome to better. We're glad you're here.

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Our founders and owners are Mike Anderson, Mike Miles, and Matt Cochran. They were born and raised in Kansas City and are involved in our community in numerous ways, from coaching their kids' soccer and baseball teams to volunteering with March of Dimes and Children's Mercy Hospital. They founded Fountain Mortgage with the belief that a local mortgage provider can serve KC families best because our clients are our neighbors. Reach out to them anytime. They love to talk about the Chiefs and Royals - and home loans.


Fountain Mortgage is a boutique residental mortgage company that leverages more than 50 years of combined lending, banking, and financial services experience. 

At Fountain Mortgage, saying "thank you" for your business simply isn't enough. We believe you should experience gratitude and a guarantee that we'll do what we promise. Lenders all too often claim to have superior service, yet rarely do you see those words put into action ... until now.

We are proud to offer our purchase clients The Fountain Advantage.

Simply put, we're going to get this done for you. How do we know? Because we obsess over the details and communicate every step of the way. If we do not close your loan by the contract date, we will issue a $500 credit at closing.*

*Exclusions include: change of employment status; significant change in credit profile; inspection related delays; property not in “as is” condition or value does not support contract price; appraisal does not substantiate purchase price or loan amount; gross misrepresentation by borrower; loan or contract cancelation. In short, if the closing delay is something that could be prevented by Fountain Mortgage, we will issue the credit.